The Photo Session

Here’s where all our creative research and planning comes together into one fabulous photography session! We’ll work in both the studio and on location, with the goal of delivering amazing imagery while providing you with a productive, comfortable atmosphere. My incredible team of photo professionals, stylists, and assistants is dedicated to making sure that every aspect of your photo shoot meets the highest standards. 


Photo Editing and Post-Production

Once the session has wrapped up, I’ll immediately create redundant backups of the raw image assets. Over the next few weeks, I’ll cull the digital images and begin the process of performing basic color and contrast corrections on the files. I’ll also perform an initial edit of the photos to weed out any outtakes and identify outstanding frames. 



The whole process takes about six to eight weeks, depending on availability in our schedule. So in less than two months you will have an abundant  library of top-quality images, expressive lifestyle portraits, and other branded content for all of your media-related needs, including daily social media posts, weekly blogs, marketing materials, newsletters, and speaker submissions. 


Delivery, Project Close and Launch

After you’ve approved the retouched proofs, I’ll initiate delivery of the final files through a private online gallery that you will be able to download your high resolution images from.




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